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It is officially Spring and the temps are sloooowly warming up. This means that it is time once again to stop and smell the roses and enjoy what is happening outside. Spring also means spring break! So here are some ideas that you might want to add to your plans that week.

 (Dumbo Brooklyn/Nycgo)

Dumbo Brooklyn: Now officially an NYC destination by the water and only one stop from downtown Manhattan. Adults and kids will find something to do here from Jane's Carousel, the Pirate ship Playground or rock climbing, to brunch at Cecconi's or The Osprey. Stroll through Empire stores, take the elevator to the top and enjoy the view and grab coffee at Feed. Or simply sit by the water and take lots of Instagram worthy photos.


 (Hudson Yards/archpaper)

Hudson Yards: Newly opened and renowned for its artwork throughout the entire shopping area, you will find everything here from galleries, florists, clothes, and restaurants. Outside you will be awestruck by the hive-shaped tower that will offer amazing views west. 


 (Tarrytown House Estate/tripadvisor)

Hotel Getaway: If you feel like escaping the city why not try one of the many hotels less than an hour away that have a pool. Kiddos get to splash around while you get a workout in or relax in the jacuzzi. Some offer tennis and basketball courts, or you could just have a walk sans a skyscraper view. A couple of options include The Tarrytown Doubletree, Tarrytown House Estate, and The Glencove Mansion.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be fabulous because you won't be weighed down by your heavy winter coat! Get outside and enjoy.

Happy Spring!


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