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In my day, if we wanted to know what was cool we looked at what the "it" girl was wearing in school and then we copied her. Now we have a name for that girl... she's called an "influencer" and she's found in cyberspace on Instagram.

According to my sources, girls ages 7-12, you can call yourself an "influencer" once you've reached 10k or more followers. Girls and their moms will then watch what clothes and accessories you post and buy the exact ones or a less expensive alternative.

Here is what's hot right now:

Metallic eyeshadow, 

Bright colors, Fluffy faux fur coats,  (STEM Faux Fur Button Jacket, Nordstrom)

 (Faux fur Bolero, H&M)

Plaid designs,  (Mixed Media Dress Tucker +Tate, Nordstrom)

Pom pom hats,  (via Nordstrom)

Vans, "Mom Jeans" (High-waisted)...and Boots.

 (Pointed Toe Ankle Boots, Zara)

 (Boots with Sequins, H&M)

Unlike the Uggs of years past, today's boot is faux or real leather with a pointed toe, or with sequins and a rounded one. 

Popular clothing stores for the younger set include H&M, Zara Kids, Nordstrom's, GAP Kids, and Shein. Tweens are excited to one day shop at Pink, Topshop, Abercrombie, and Hollister.

And how do influencers decide what they are going to wear? According to my styling sources, they look at what the top teen models are wearing, either on IG or Youtube. And yet, some will only photograph themselves in the brands that send them free clothes. 

One thing is for sure, if "Mom Jeans" can be made cool then anything in the fashion world is possible... I'm waiting for the return of the "Mork from Ork suspenders."

I'll be ready...


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