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There are a few shows that always seem to grab the nation's attention every time a new season comes out. Stranger Things is one of those shows. People have fallen in love with these kids as they fight for their hometown against the dark and nasty creatures of the Upside Down. Netflix's hit show just dropped a new trailer for the third season and it had many people hyped for its release this July 4th.

 (Netflix's new poster for Stranger Things 3)


Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb Mclaughlin (Lucas), and Noah Schnapp (Will) have proven time and time again that they can hold their own with the adults when it comes to acting and bringing their characters to life. Their characters feel just like real kids with their excessive amount of charm and bravery. The Duffer Brothers know exactly what they're doing with this group of talented child actors. Sadie Sink, who plays Max, was a newly added addition to the gang last season. I can't wait to see how she gets along with everyone else.

Throughout the years that Stranger Things has been running, it feels like we're watching the kids grow up. Young adorable preteens are now full fledged young adults. In the new trailer, Finn's character Mike says, "we're not kids anymore!" I can't help but agree.

The danger is getting more serious and the stakes are higher for sure, but I can't help but think how much these kids have grown since the first season!

 Finn was 13 when he first started playing Mike. Now he's 16!

 Millie was 12 when she first started playing Eleven. She's now 15.

 Gaten was 13 when he first started playing Dustin. Now he's 16.

 Caleb was 14 when he started playing Lucas. He's 17 now!

 Noah was 11 when he first started playing Will. He's now 14.

It's crazy how fast kids grow at those ages!

Stranger Things is like a love letter to everyone who loved the '80's or grew up in the '80s. Using music, popular brands, franchises, and electronics from the time period to give everyone that nice feeling of nostalgia. But the one thing that always stole the show and kept us coming back was the kids. 



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