I had the opportunity to chat with 6-year-old entrepreneur Jade Jackson and her mom Keniesha from Farmington Hills, MI. During the interview, I learned more about the Jade Ariana line and got some tips for other young entrepreneurs. The following is a transcript of our interview. Grab a pen and paper, and get ready to take some notes!

B: How old are you?

J: I'm 6 years old.

B: When did you get this idea to start a business?

J: Around Christmas, when making a plastic bow.

B: What exactly do you sell?

J: I sell hair bows, vegan based nail polish, vegan based lip gloss and more.

B: What has been your favorite product to make so far?

J: Lip Gloss.

B: Where can people buy your products?

J: On www.ShopJadeAriana.com.

B: What do you think is the hardest thing about running your own business?

J: Making nail polish and coming up with names for everything.

B: What have you learned as a business owner?

J: It's a lot of work.

B: Mom, what is your role in this company? What has been the greatest challenge for you during this process?

K: My role in the company is to be a mentor to Jade and to show her how to create the products. I also test all products, label them, and handle the shipping. The greatest challenge has been trying to also juggle my business while being a mom to four children and keeping the household together. 

B: What tips do you have for parents who want to help their children start a business?

K: I would say that as a parent nothing is more rewarding than seeing your child happy and helping them make their dreams come true. If your child shows interest or comes to you with something they are passionate about, put money aside, do your research, and take steps to figure out how to make it happen. You don't have to dive into everything headfirst, you can start with concepts, narrow down colors, talk about business names and logos ideas. Make every part of this as fun as possible. Continue to encourage your child and stay consistent. 

B: Why should we shop with Jade Ariana?

K: Jade says that you should shop Jade Ariana because shopping with her is super fun. As her mom, I would like to say that shopping with Jade Ariana will give her more confidence, teach responsibility, as well as help her build for a college fund. 

B: Where can we learn more about Jade Ariana?

K: You can learn more about Jade Ariana, by visiting her website (www.shopjadeariana.com)  as well as following her Instagram for new product releases.


Author: Briana Marie
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