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While St. Patrick's day started off as a religious holiday honoring St. Patrick and his spread of Christianity, it has now become more of a holiday to embrace Irish culture and heritage. Most festivities for kids and parents just stop at wearing green for the day. But if you have nothing to do on Sunday and want to celebrate and do something fun with your kids, here are 7 ways you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day whether or not you're Irish.

1. Bake Creative Snacks.

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All you need for this is green food coloring and some imagination. Kids love to bake, so have a day where you go all out and bake Irish-themed snacks. They can be as simple as green-dyed frosted cupcakes or decorating cookies with shamrocks (what we know as clovers) designs, a leprechaun, and maybe a pot of gold. OR, if you want to go a little more authentic...

2. Add Irish dishes to the Menu

There are plenty of traditional Irish dishes and sides that you can choose from to make dinner a little more festive. Irish stews, Irish Soda bread, and Kebobs are a couple. And while potatoes might seem like a cliche Irish stereotype, who doesn't like a good potato dish? Mashed potatoes, potato soup, or a new potato dish you've never tried before. Get the kids to help out with the cooking and don't forget to incorporate cabbage for dinner!

3. Go To a Parade!

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There's bound to be a St. Patricks day parade somewhere in your area. Do some research for any parades planned and take your kids to see some festive fun with other parade goers. Or look up other types of local events available for kids. Local libraries always have some sort of themed events planned for kids on holidays.

4. Arts & Crafts

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If your kids like to get artsy and like to make things with their hands, create some fun DIYs with them. Some cool ones are green slime, leprechaun hats and masks, rainbow jewelry, a pot of gold twirler. There are so many kinds of crafts to do with kids who like quiet activities inside.

5. Leprechaun Trap

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This one is for the inventive parents that like to keep fairytales alive, and kids who love believing in the fantastical. Leprechauns were said to grant three wishes to whoever could catch them, or even lead them to their pot of gold. Help your kids build their very own Leprechaun trap. Tell them all about Leprechauns and how sneaky they can be. Set your trap in your yard outside or somewhere in your house. Think up things you can leave in the trap as an indication that a Leprechaun might have been there. Chocolate coins, maybe even real coins, a clover, anything that'll get your kids excited. It's a fun way to teach kids about Irish Folk-lore. Need Trap inspiration? Look here. Or here.

6. Host a Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

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If your kids love Easter egg hunting, this could be another fun activity for them. Plant clues around the house for your kids to find that will eventually lead them to a pot of gold! This is a printable scavenger hunt list by FoodFunFamily that you can use to put little items around the house for them to find. This one, "You've Been Shamrocked" by Dating Divas come with printable shamrocks and a leprechaun and is ideal for the younger kids. Kids can follow a trail of shamrocks to a lucky pot of gold, a.k.a chocolate coins and rolos. This other one, from Love Grows Wild, includes printable clues for you to leave around the house. Feel free to take inspiration from these clues and leave a few of your own original ones. 

7. Don't be Afraid to Get Educational

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Fun can be educational too! Maybe you want to take out a few books from the library and have them learn a little more about Irish culture. There are plenty of fun children's books like The Magic Tree House, picture books and others that make fun family reads. If you have a little Irish in your family, this could be a really fun way to get them more interested in that part of their heritage. Come up with a fun trivia game about Irish culture and the history of St. Patrick's Day and have them collect points!

Whatever you plan on doing for St. Paddy's day, make it a fun and memorable one!


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