Victoria Richey

South West Regional Director, Victoria Richey, Born in Houston Tx, Has always been drawn to the fashion industry. She started modeling when she was 15 years old and fell in love with the world of Fashion. She is now a mother and is inspired by children's wear. "I am beyond thrilled to be working with Posh Kids, Its like a dream come true to combine my love of Fashion and joy of Children together"

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This backpack is one of a kind! It makes a fashion statement all while being durable and really cool for kids! Japanese ​made, with the finest Japanese leather. I find it so cool because it has tons of storage compartments and hooks for the everyday life of a child! It comes in countless colors and patterns. The really cool part about it is that it doesn't only have to be for kids! I would personally use this for my every day bag! It could hold my tablet, Notepad and everything I needed for my toddler! A very cool product, I hope to see more of it in the USA!

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I know how hard it can be to juggle 10 million things at once, and we only have two hands! So thankfully there are products like the Baby K'Tan Wrap to lend us a helping hand. We've all been there, the phone is ringing, dinners burning, the baby is crying! It's difficult! And that is why I am so in love with this product. It allows us to comfort our little ones, stay close to them all while getting other day to day activities accomplished! Made with 100% natural cotton and super stretchy makes for a perfect touch to baby! It can be worn multiple ways, so have fun with it! You can get yours for only $49.95!! Such a steal!

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Harlow was destined to be a model. Her mom is a photographer who loves to take photos of her beautiful little girl, who has mastered the camera. She has the prettiest blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Harlow also loves horses and clearly has a passion for fashion! She likes to have fun with her style by wearing tutu's and fun dresses. Her beauty shines bright through her photos, I can only imagine how bright it is in person!

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I am in love with Freshly Picked Moccasins! They are so adorable for any child, and they make a huge fashion statement!  These Moccasins are perfect for Newborn all the way up to size 7. I love the fact that the Newborn sizes are soft soled and super comfortable for our little ones! Super easy for little movers who are learning to balance and walk on their own. Made with 100% Genuine Cow Hide Leather and their are so many different colors to choose from! Thank goodness the creator, Susan Peterson, sees how important comfortable (and stylish) baby footwear is to Mommas like me!

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Newborns- $45
Size 1-7- $60


How awesomely cute is Andy?! At 3 years old, he has already mastered the art of dressing fashionable. Andy loves to have fun with his style. He is a pro at accessorizing with sun glasses, scarfs, bow ties, sweaters, jewelry and so much more! He is a natural in front of the camera and sure does have his model posing  down. Andy is sure to melt your heart!

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